WINE & SPIRITS – Top 100 Wineries of 2011

Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard will for the 3rd year in a row receive the prestigious honor of being named among the Top 100 Wineries of the year by Wine & Spirits Magazine. This year we are joined by an additional…

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WINE & SPIRITS August 2011

HJW received top Finger Lakes ratings in Wine & Spirits latest issue

Wine & Spirit Magazine’s August 2011 issue awards Hermann J. Wiemer 2009 Rieslings with outstanding new scores: 94 points for the 2009 Late Harvest Riesling, 94 points for the 2009 Dry Riesling Reserve and 93 points for the 2009 Dry…

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Wine Spectator Magazine keeps praising Hermann J. Wiemer with outstanding scores: 92 points for the Dry Riesling HJW Vineyard 2009, 91 points for the Dry Riesling Magdalena Vineyard 2009 and a 90 point rating for the Dry Riesling Reserve 2009. The…

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WINE SPECTATOR – Top 100 Wines 2010

Hermann J. Wiemer joins a list of emerging stars and time-honored stalwarts in Wine Spectators Top 100 Wines of 2010.

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WINE ENTHUSIAST Wine Star Nominations 2010

Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard is 1 of 5 nominees for the Winery of the Year

Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard 1 of 5 American Winery Nominees

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WINE & SPIRITS August 2010

Top scores for our 2008 Rieslings

Wine & Spirits blind panel tasted 183 American Rieslings over the past 12 months and their critics rated Hermann J. Wiemer Rieslings the highest with 4 of the top 5 Rieslings and 3 or the top 5 dessert Rieslings. See…

August 2010 Wine & Spirits
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Extract from James Molesworth from WS's blog

Extract from blog

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Aged Rieslings: When Well Kept, They Can Be Fuller, Richer

Finger Lakes Times

by Harvey Reissig – THE GRAPE GURU –  for The Finger Lakes Times Rieslings are generally considered best consumed soon after purchase while their fresh fruity characteristics, and lively acidityare at optimum levels. However, Rieslings can be cellared for a…

Gabrielle Plucknette / Finger Lakes Times
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WINE SPECTATOR Sitting Down with Winemaker Fred Merwarth

Exctract from blog - James Molesworth- Wine Spectator

The small (but hopefully growing) number of consumers out there familiar with Finger Lakes wines is likely familiar with this winery. Though the wines have been absent from Wine Spectators’s official tastings for a few years now, quality has always…

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TIMES TRIBUNE – Best Wines Have Sense of Novelty

Winestein: David Falcheck, Wine Critic

Every year, wine offers some­ thing new to discover. New grape varieties or wine producers become popular. For­ gotten ones make comebacks. Some areas may have a great vintage flop. Entirely new nations and regions emerge on the global scene….

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