WINE SPECTATOR Sitting Down with Winemaker Fred Merwarth

Exctract from blog - James Molesworth- Wine Spectator

The small (but hopefully growing) number of consumers out there familiar with Finger Lakes wines is likely familiar with this winery. Though the wines have been absent from Wine Spectators’s official tastings for a few years now, quality has always…

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TIMES TRIBUNE – Best Wines Have Sense of Novelty

Winestein: David Falcheck, Wine Critic

Every year, wine offers some­ thing new to discover. New grape varieties or wine producers become popular. For­ gotten ones make comebacks. Some areas may have a great vintage flop. Entirely new nations and regions emerge on the global scene….

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WINE & SPIRITS – The Finger Lakes Reach Beyond Riesling

Wine and Spirits - April, 2007

As though clawing their way south toward Pennsylvania, western New York’s Finger Lakes reach out across the site of a 500 million-year-old seabed. When glaciers gouged their way along the riverbeds of this region in the last ice age, deep…

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THE BOSTON GLOBE – Rieslings Earn Finger Lakes a Seat at Fine Wine Table

DUNDEE, N.Y. – Hermann Wiemer, a German expatriate, bought an abandoned soybean farm in the hilly Finger Lakes region in 1973 and put his winemaking pedigree to the test. The cool climate and gravelly soil reminded him of the Mosel…

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NEW YORK MAGAZINE – Grape Expectations

From New York Magazine: OENOPHILES PREMATURELY celebrating last month’s Supreme Court ruling on interstate wine shipping might just have to sit back and let the intoxicating notion decant awhile. The ruling merely declared New York law unconstitutional, which makes it…

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Wines Need Not Be Red to Make a Feast Memorable; Finding the Perfect Balance

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NEW YORK TIMES December 2003

WINETALK by Frank J. Prial  on December 31, 2003 for the New York Times The year ending tonight was a good one for wine in America, and not just for the vintage, which, it so happens, wasn’t bad. We will…

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NEW YORK TIMES August 2003

$18 Riesling Voted Best New York Wine of 2003

By HOWARD G. GOLDBERG An $18 dry Johannisberg riesling from the Finger Lakes region was voted New York’s best wine of 2003 yesterday in a major contest limited to the state’s wines. The 2002 reserve riesling, a white wine from…

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FOOD & WINE – Eiswein Fact Sheet

BY RICHARD NALLEY for FOOD&WINE Imagine the perfect, leafy, green, suns truck vineyard, then shift it to winter gray, with grapes hanging on snow-covered vines, and you have a still-life portrait of how ice wines are made. Silky, complex, and…

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touring the riesling vineyards of New York's Finger Lakes

From Wine & Spirits Magazine 2002 “THE FINGER LAKES,” Hermann Wiemer says, “are going like gangbusters.” Surprisingly, Wiemer sounds as though he has mixed feelings about this situation – though that could be chalked up to his slightly dour manner,…

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