Grafted Plants Available

As demand for Wiemer’s hand- grafted quality vinifera vines has grown, the grape vine nursery has developed into a commercial business. Today we graft up to 500,000 vines for distribution throughout the country. See some of our Finger Lakes Grapevines for sale below.

Vines Available For 2017

VarietyAvailable ClonesAvailable Rootstocks
Cabernet Franc327, 214, 6233309, SO4, Schwarzmann, Riparia, 101-14
Cabernet Sauvignon3373309, 101-14
Chardonnay95, 96, HJW, 548, 809, 3309, Riparia, 5C, SO4
GewurztraminerHJW3309, SO4
Gruner Veltliner1, 2, 33309, SO4, 101-14
Lemberger1, 23309, SO4, 101-14
Merlot181, 348, HJW3309, SO4, Riparia, 101-14
Petit Verdot400101-14
Pinot Gris1523309, Riparia, 101-14
Petit Manseng3309
Pinot Blanc5, 159, 161SO4
Pinot Meunier817SO4
Pinot Noir114, 115, 667, 777, Pommard, Swanson, Wädenswil3309, SO4, Schwarzmann, Riparia, 101-14
Pinot Grigio52SO4, 101-14
Riesling90, 110, 198, 239, 356, 813, HJW, 21B3309, SO4, Riparia, 5C, 420A, 101-14
Sauvignon Blanc5303309
Viognier1, 4, 5Riparia
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Custom Grafting Orders

You may have a special need or want to try an uncommon variety. We provide custom grafting services. Contact us to discuss custom grafting for Spring 2018.

Vine Planting Instructions