FOOD & WINE – Eiswein Fact Sheet

BY RICHARD NALLEY for FOOD&WINE Imagine the perfect, leafy, green, suns truck vineyard, then shift it to winter gray, with grapes hanging on snow-covered vines, and you have a still-life portrait of how ice wines are made. Silky, complex, and…

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touring the riesling vineyards of New York's Finger Lakes

From Wine & Spirits Magazine 2002 “THE FINGER LAKES,” Hermann Wiemer says, “are going like gangbusters.” Surprisingly, Wiemer sounds as though he has mixed feelings about this situation – though that could be chalked up to his slightly dour manner,…

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AMERICAN VINTAGE – The Rise of American Wine

by Paul Lukacs

Only a generation ago, the United States was little more than a footnote in the story of wine. Then, seemingly overnight, everything changed. American varieties began outs coring their counterparts in inter­ national competitions at home and abroad. Today, American…

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FOOD & WINE – The Wine World’s Superstar Grapes

Although near-great varietals may attempt to complete, these six grapes remain the most influential and adored around the globe. An oenophile tells why.

by LETTIE TEAGUE, illustrations by  MICHAEL WITTE Although near-great varietals may attempt to complete, these six grapes remain the most influential and adored around the globe. An oenophile tells why. There are over 4,000 wine grapes in the world, and…

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A New York State of Wine

There are more than 125 wineries in six appellations in the nation’s second-largest wine-producing state. Think you can’t find a bottle? Fuhgeddaboutit! Standing at the threshold of the new millennium, wine consumers are experiencing their most adventurous mood in decades….

A New York State of Mind
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Fine Wines, Few Frills: Wiemer Remains a Finger Lakes Leader

By Jerry Shriver USA TODAY FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1998 Hermann J. Wiemer makes some of the most clitically acclaimed wines if the East, yet one could spend sev­ eral days here in the Finger Lakes region and easily overlook his…

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FOOD & WINE – Pioneering a Great New York State Rielsing

Written by ANDREW ESSEX Researched by DAN PHILIPS Photography by EDWARD GAIDEL And they said it couldn’t be done. Twenty-five years ago, Herman J. Wiemer, a soft spoken German emigre, planted vinifera grapes in the unforgiving soil of western New…

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Vineyard and Winery Management, February 1992. by Richard Figiel Vineyards flourish in deep grav­elly soil along the south end of New York’s Seneca Lake, then abruptly vanish where bedrock shale wells up. Further north the shale loosens and recedes enough…

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The Wiemer Touch


By ERIC GOODMAN ERIC GOODMAN is a novelist and journalist who spends summers in the Finger Lakes region. His most recent novel is In Days of Awe (Wash­ington Square Press, 1992). HERMANN WIEMER’S FAMILY on his mother’s side has been…

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War of Wineries

Los Angeles Times

  By DAN BERGER. Times Wine Writer DUNDEE, N.Y.- Two of the most visible figures in the history of the New York wine industry, Walter S. Taylor and the late Dr. Konstantin Frank, waged a verbal war for years over whether…

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