Sparkling Wine Vertical 3/28/2015 (SOLD OUT)

Start Date: March 28th, 2015
Time: 11am-1pm & 3:00pm-5pm
Venue: Hermann J. WIemer Vineyard
Kabinett Members: $50.00 per person Join

Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard has produced sparkling wine since our founding in 1979. On Saturday, 28 March, winemaker Fred Merwarth will be presenting seven vintages of sparkling wines in a special Vertical/ Horizontal tasting event.

Over the course of twelve wines, guests will be guided through all four styles of sparkling wine produced at Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard with an in-depth look at the process and myriad variables of sparkling wine production. In addition to comparisons of older and more recent vintages and discussions on varietal, vintage, and aging factors, a special “horizontal” review of the 2006 Cuvee Brut will illuminate our staggered disgorgement program by showcasing five different disgorgements of that single vintage.