From the outside, this is nothing more than a dark barn whose size is emphasized by the many small windows on its south wall. Inside, however, the architects have inserted a towering white structure with four white legs like classical columns. Delicate light filters in through the small windows. The barn is now a fully working winery and aging facility for sparkling wine.

Located in the heart of the Finger Lakes Wine Country, Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard stands on the western shores  of Seneca Lake. The New York State winery – producing approximately 17,000 cases each year – was designed in 1982 by an award-winning team of Cornell architects. Enclosed within the shell of a 90-year-old scissor-trussed barn, the structure accommodates a full wine production area and tasting facility. Its unique white cathedral-like interior balances the bare wooden walls and sleek Italian stainless steel tanks.

Our winemaking processes pay homage to the ancient winemaking tradition and winemaking history of Hermann’s ancestry while incorporating the best of modern practices. We craft our wines in very small lots to focus on subtle differences between site blocks within vineyards and even clones within varieties. We utilize up to 25 different fermentation tanks within the winery to isolate  vineyard sections and pickings dates to best showcase the varietal’s characteristics. Our small lot production allows for more control of the final product and is extremely labor intensive.

Our signature long fermentation on indigenous yeast is made possible by the ecologically balanced viticultural methods in our vineyards. We seek lower and balanced yields per vine, ensuring healthy vines that reflect the character of the soils in which they are deeply rooted.

Retail Shop & Tasting Room

We offer wine tastings in the winery. Our experienced retail staff is on hand to guide you through the wine list and answer any questions about our facilities and wine production.

Management Team


Fred Merwarth-  Winemaker and Vineyard Manager / Co-Owner


Oskar Bynke- Business and Estate Manager / Co-Owner


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